Khatri Packages Provides One Stop Corrugated Packaging Solution For Entrepreneur & Existing Businesses. We Have Many Different Product Related to Corrugated Boxes. Such As Mango Boxes, Pizza Boxes, Date Boxes, Pharmacy Boxes & Many Others.


Fast Delivery

We Have Large Manufacturing Network Which Can Provide Fastest Delivery in Town. Normal Orders Take 3 Working Days Only.

Personal Branding

We Offer Your Customize Branding on Our Products. Printed Cartons, Printed Paper Bag, Printed Paper Pouches & Printed Flyers.


We Believe Fundamental Honesty is The Keystone of Business. We are With Entrepreneur and Businesses Since 1979.



Single Wall / 3 PLY


Double Wall / 5 PLY

Triple Wall / 7 PLY


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Customize Corrugated Cartons

We have a wide range of sustainable corrugated cartons with excellent qualities along with customized sizes ‘from the size of a hand to the size of a body’ at an economical price. Our carton boxes are also recyclable ♻.

Packing Tape

Packing Clear Tape

Packing clear tape serves a purpose as an accessory of packaging. You wouldn’t find any other match except us when it comes to the quality of packing clear tape.

Customize Paper Bags

We have a range of options for fully sustainable paper bags with outstanding qualities along with the customizable size and print designs at a competitive price. Paper bags are fully customizable according to customer’s demand.


Robe (Sutli)

The robe is a very deep niche and thankfully we covered a complete sustainable range of robes so that you can find everything under one roof at an affordable price.

Paper Pouches

Customize Paper Pouches

Paper pouches are very essential for brand building and we are more than happy to assist you to become the leading brand within the market by providing our great quality products. Paper pouches are fully customized as per customer’s require.

Bubble Wrap

Bubble Wrap

Bubble Wrap is the shield for your valuable products and we understand this and provide a complete range of bubble wraps at your doorstep.

The best carton I have ever used for my leather gloves export. It’s quite durable so I can export all over the world either Canada or Japan. After working with so many corrugated boxes manufacturer finally I can say now that I found the best one.

Javaid Iqbal – CEO at Javaid Enterprises

Working since 15 years with Khatri Packages. Thier team members are very cooperative and intelligent. They knew what customer needs. Their suggestions are always work like magic. I am more than happy to work with them.

Ahad Meer – Procurement Manager at CrownLifan

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